You really need to have a solid plan if you are going to build a new house. Here are some things to think about before you dive in with both feet

Advantages of building:

Building your home from the ground up offers you the opportunity to decide upon the things that go into your home. Flooring, doors and windows play a big part in creating value in a home. Your decision upon these factors can increase or decrease the value of your property. Southern California is a lovely place to build a home with many locations easily increasing in value.

How to begin:

  • Decide on home plans
  • Get proper permits
  • Excavate land
  • ┬áMoving trees and other obstacles
  • Choose your favorite spot and direction and consider property lines if within city limits
  • Choose frontal position
  • Run foundation lines
  • Set up utility pole and get power installed
  • On site dumpster
  • Portable facility

Building a new home takes more than brick and mortar. It takes financing and property excavation. Locating the best place for your home is a personal decision. Consider the value of the property and any improvements on or around it in the future is important. Will the area improve for the home or will values in the area go down? Consider the resale value of your home once it is built.

  • Digging for footers
  • Pour foundation footers
  • Arrange and drainage facilities
  • Employ plumbers to install plumbing
  • Employ electricians for conduit wiring
  • Order concrete
  • Use 4 inches of gravel for a slab base
  • Place wire mesh to reinforce the slab
  • Begin this process with foam insulation

Pour every inch of your foundation at once. This makes it easier with no backtracking. It is better to have one charge for concrete. Make sure these steps are properly executed and foundation levels are correct. Excavation should be solid, considering soil type and stability. If you have trouble calculating the correct amount of concrete, correct measurements are easily calculated with a computer. Should you need assistance, most building supply houses are glad to assist.


What is the market price of the homes around your property and how much will values change? What company will you use as a contractor and how reputable are they? Locating the property to buy a home for some brings them to pre-designed homes. Your home design is shaped by your slab and now it is time for the framing. If you are using a prefabricated frame, they are easily ordered and ready for assembly from walls to roof and are put together quickly. However, if not bring your chosen carpenter into the picture.

  • Gather building materials
  • Bring in chosen carpenter
  • Install outside walls
  • Windows Install
  • Roof Install
  • Roofing vents
  • Install inside wiring
  • Place installation in walls
  • Secure heating and air conditioning
  • Have all work inspected

It is necessary to keep construction according to city codes. Professional builders understand the requirements. They are also able to get materials at a discount. Working in the industry builds up alliances and contractors are able to get plumbers and electricians to come in at odd times to complete a job.

  • Insulate attic
  • Add drywall Plaster and prepare walls for painting
  • Add flooring although finished materials should be installed after dry wall Cabinets (dealers may install cabinets for you)
  • Place counters
  • Appliances

Final inspections are necessary while landscaping and cleanup is a natural part of the routine. People acquire homes a dozen different ways. They move older homes to new locations. Buy homes prefabricated and move into structures already built. Throughout either process, some things remain constant, location, financing, inspections, plumbing and electrical work.